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That want to gain balanced and passive income using digital products!

Meet the Mentor

Hey, Love,

My name is Ishi and just 2 years ago, I faced every fear I had and took responsibility for my own life! I was excited and afraid at the same time.  However, I had learned to be bold in my decisions and do what was best for me. But the brand I had been developing for years already would have to wait yet again.

Soon, I realized that working, paying bills, and spending a little time here and there with my children was not exactly what I had in mind when I thought of freedom. And I needed to get back to my brand Begin With Myself.

That's when I started taking courses, buying bundles, paying over $3000 in coaching in 1 year. Too many times I wasted money, not because the information was not good- but because I already KNEW the information. And probably had already implemented. I was tired of doing the same thing over and over. I wanted to remove the lonely overwhelming feeling that comes with developing my passion, moving up in my job, and supporting my family.  


Unfortunately, The one this I struggled with until recently was accountability. I would start but not finish, get distracted by my life. I would give up on me.
Ultimately when I offered accountability to some AMAZING ladies and found that I knew WAY more than I thought!  In just one short month we were all able to blast through the launch process together!  I felt like I wanted to do this every day! To hold my sisters accountable to their dreams and help them generate life-changing income! That is when Business Besties Launch Club was born.


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat today! I am so motivated and inspired by you and everything we chatted about ...You are amazing!


Begin With My Self